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Dinosaur, Wildlife & Education Center

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About Us

Our company aim is to educate all walks of life from Nursery to University Students on the natural behaviour of all Exotic animals, through fun and Interactive presentations and Displays. We also give advice to people on the welfare of their exotic pets and offer a good home to one’s that need it. By encouraging people’s natural curiosity, the secrets of environments such as the Rainforest and Desert we will take you on an almost magical journey. 


Then we’ll explain how they can create and maintain their very own wildlife habitat. Before long, you’ll be teaching your friends and families without even realising it. The audiences that DWAEC presents to then have a unique and exciting opportunity to hold or stroke each animal that they introduce. All our animals have been chosen for their temperament and are very friendly.


We travel all over the UK to do these presentations and also provide the following services: presentations (informal to formal) completely
tailored to your needs and requirements; Specialist training in Herpetology; Animal welfare for all - from inexperienced to professional.

Birthday parties with animals and optional extras (such as party bags). 

Animal Activity License

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