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Dinosaur, Wildlife & Education Center

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Who Are We?

We are an Award winning professional educational company suitable for children and adults. 


At DWAEC, we are dedicated to increasing your awareness and fascination for all types of life... 


Whether its animals from the past (The Dinosaurs) or animals of the present day (Our friendly family of Meerkats), we are able to offer unique  talks on these subjects at our Private Educational center or at a school or venue of your choice.


Our Main Goals?

Here at DWAEC we teach with passion. We aim to provide the best educational experience possible knowing we are in a unique position to have a direct impact on your students. We encouraging their natural curiosity, indulging them in the secrets of the world we share by taking them on an almost magical journey of discovery.


Who We Work With?

Schools, colleges, universities, private parties for all ages, corporate events, science centres, garden centres / water gardens, hospitals, zoos, pet shops,holiday parks, libraries, museums, science fairs, nurseries, play schemes, after school clubs, prisons, hotels (after dinner entertainment), rainbows, brownies, guides, beavers, cubs, scouts, adult organisations such as women’s institutes and special interest groups.

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